Our Team

We are a small team with a global reach. Our breadth of knowledge surrounding end-to-end exports processes, and our depth of experience working with the finest gourmet food stuffs and dairy products allow us to deliver consistently high standard of work. We have built strong relationships with a network of producers and customers which we think is testament to our positive, adaptable and hardworking nature! 

John Carr O.B.E. - Owner

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With over 30 years experience in the speciality cheese industry, John Carr has successfully grown export businesses for numerous small producers, his track record of achievement led to an award of an O.B.E  for export success and more recently cheese person of the year in 2018 at the British Cheese awards.

'Wherever I travel in the world, and the professional talk turns to cheese, I will be asked, sooner rather than later, Do you know John Carr? John is THE name in British export cheese. Respected everywhere. He has helped us significantly in the American, Australian and South-East Asian markets; and I am grateful for that help.'


John Sidall – Fine Cheese Company Owner

David Orchard - Sales

David provides the perfect link between customer needs and producer expectations. A career in exports working with numerous U.K. producers and international clients,  David delivers efficient and  speedy solutions to all. A new dad- thank goodness David can do this job in his sleep!!!

'The beating heart of Cheese Matters, David organises the most complicated request into the easiest of solutions. His ability to quickly and efficiently coordinate with everybody in the Cropwell Bishop office delivers consistently high results for our organisation.'

Ben Skailes - Director of Cropwell Bishop Creamery

Lucy Holmes

With over 20 years experience in the cheese industry, and with particular expertise in third country exports, Lucy adds a new dimension to the Cheese Matters team. Lucy knows many of our suppliers and customers already, so her appointment will be smooth and seamless all round.

'Lucy adds a depth of experience, knowledge and expertise that can only strengthen the Cheese Matters team as we continue our adventure!'

John Carr  - Owner Cheese Matters

Jens Bang Pedersen and Kevin Pedersen


Our American partners have over 4 decades of experience regarding the import of all European cheeses into the USA market. It’s a full service suite from completing the Foreign Supplier Verification Programme, handling all the regulatory and license issues, down to offering a back office invoicing and distribution service. 
If you are a European cheese producer with aspirations in the USA; speak to the experts.

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