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Case Studies

For many producers, the decision to export is neither simple nor quick. Cheese Matters can help accelerate the decision by offering practical insights and real life case studies on how to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Cropwell Bishop, a premium Stilton producer asked CM to evaluate its export business. After several months of analysis, a clear plan was developed to compliment third party exports with direct exports. This involved the creation of an overseas subsidiary, a complete new pricing strategy and an emphasis of closer contact between Cropwell and their end clients. Despite a turbulent trading environment, Cropwell now export directly to over 15 countries and their export volumes have grown by an impressive 15%.

CM have been involved and continue to be involved in the expansion of the Cropwell Bishop business at multiple levels.

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Calendar cheese company of Australia wanted a platform in the U.K., whereby, they could deal directly with multiple U.K. producers, but not have the hassle of “putting it all together”

CM helped by providing an administrative and logistical platform, opening up a range of multiple suppliers to easily access the Australian market via the Calendar distribution network. A seamless network allows Calendar to negotiate with individual producers and leave the back office logistics to CM. 

Mindful of possible Brexit complications a specialty food exporter asked CM to assess the feasibility of exporting directly to the USA rather than via European consolidators.

Today Fine Cheese Company, share consolidated containers loaded at Cropwell Bishop creamery. Complimented by setting up their own LLC in the USA, The Fine Cheese Company now have a weekly shipping service for their USA client base. Further developments to include the artisan cracker business are being developed with the help of CM.

We offer impartial advice to numerous clients around the world. Our Indian client Gnosch Foods were looking for a reliable source of English cheddar to compliment their business. In 6 weeks CM had identified an ideal partner, had labels originated and pricing agreed. A similar project to identify other dairy product suppliers is now underway . A complicated market for both producers and distributors CM just delivered a neat solution in a super quick time.

CM were asked to find a specialist slicing and shredding company to service the growing halal market in S.E.Asia. Within six weeks, we had identified the perfect solution at Extons based near Manchester. Halal certification was achieved in record time, labels developed and the client flown in to see the facility.
The first container order is now in market.  That is what we do!

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Extons Case Study
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