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International Customers

Selecting the right product for your audience can seem like an overwhelming challenge. 

Cheese Matters can introduce you to a suite of innovative dairy products and gourmet food stuffs that will be effortlessly delivered to your facilities when needed.

Product Analysis
Logistics Solutions
Meet Producers
Contract Completion
Product Analysis

With access to a network of heritage and speciality produce, we will present you with a suite to meet your needs. Whether it’s a fine West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, a spicy Jalapeno Slice or a melt in the mouth PDO Blue Stilton we know them all. Let us connect you with a spotlight product that’ll make your customers go WOW; or everyday products that will have your customers coming back for more

Stilton slice.png
Product Analysis - Customer
Logistics Solutions

How a product arrives on your shelves is important. We want to work together to ensure it is ready for sale upon arrival with the right labelling, packaging and for the right price. Our close relationships with the producers allow us to deliver a finished product suited to your needs.

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Logistics Solutions - Customers
Meet Producers

Before your new addition to your catalogue of products arrives, we can organise a meeting between you and the producer to build the foundations of a long term mutually beneficial relationship. It’s important to know where the product comes from and how it’s made, so let us take care of a visit for you. 

Meet the Producer - Customers
Contract Completion

Correct forecasting will mean you are never caught without product at the important times of the year. We will support the drawing up of contracts, orders and pricing to prevent any problems with products arriving on time.

Contract Completion - Customers
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