Cheese Matters and Brexit


On January 1st, the U.K. is no longer a member of the EU trading block. This has important implications for how we trade together. 

The rules are changing and so must we.

Here at Cheese Matters we are preparing for a seamless transition to this new era of trading. Below we outline our simple 6-step process and how we take away the stress by offering straight forward, efficient solutions to the new rules on labelling, documentation and logistics. 

For a more detailed overview of all of our post-Brexit planning and preparation, please see our

Brexit FAQ.

Hover over the boxes below to see each step in our simple 6-step, post-Brexit exports process.


Please send your orders to

Once received and confirmed, orders will be on their way to you in two weeks.

Cheese Matters HQ


When your goods arrive, they will be checked into our 60,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art chilled facility.

We consolidate from all of your suppliers, label the pallets and prepare them for their onward journey.



The container is sealed on despatch. 

Next stop: Calais.

Cheese Matters Truck

We have a dedicated truck leaving every fortnight carrying all of our lovely cheese to our fantastic customers.


By the time our truck arrives at customs, it has already been pre-cleared for a smooth passage. 


We know this because there's only ever our goods loaded onto our truck.

Once in Calais, with only one set of documents to check, we expect a stress free trip onwards to our EU warehouse.


Here the truck is unloaded, then within 24 hours the goods are on their way to customers around the EU.

If you would like to collect from the warehouse instead, that is not a problem.

EU Warehouse


Goods will be invoiced from our Dutch office, directly to you. 

Invoices are payable to our EU bank account.

It couldn't be easier.


Need more detail? Just head to our Brexit FAQ page to see all of the preparations and plans we have for post-Brexit trading.

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