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  • Will my cheese cost more?
    Well, we don't yet know if there will be any tariffs. What we do know is that there are extra costs involved somewhere. Health certificates and entry costs per client will be around £250. That's why at Cheese Matters we group our orders together so that only one of each is required.
  • Will it take longer to get my cheese?
    Yes it will. Extra documentation and the need to register every set of documents means we just need longer to put everything in place. You can view the order schedule at the bottom of our 'Brexit' page
  • Will the minimum order quantity increase?
    Not at all, we will be able to supply your normal, regular orders in the usual way. What may cost more is the EU transport element. We are still working on this.
  • Do I need to worry about import documents?
    You will not be the importer so this is not your concern. Cheese Matters BV will handle all of this, streamlining the imports procedure and in truth you will be dealing with an EU company.
  • Will I have to do international money transfers, or pay you in sterling?"
    Our bank account is within the EU and we shall be invoicing you in Euros. Nothing could be easier.
  • Can I import goods myself and not go through Cheese Matters?
    You can, but because of the extra challenges that you must consider, we don't recommend it. The importer needs his company name on the cheese which means that specific labels for your company will be required. The full administration costs may well be added to your invoice because you will need your own health certificate and import clearance. Cheese Matters can help with all of this.
  • What does Brexit really mean for our trading relationship?
    There has been a lot of focus on tariffs and to be honest this has yet to be reconciled. What we do know is that frictionless trade has gone for good. There will be a need for documentation, customs needs to be cleared, things will slow down and because of the sheer weight of traffic this can mean significant delay. Cheese Matters are doing all they can to reduce areas of cost, complication and delay. If anyone tells you they have it solved, well good luck there. The situation is constantly changing and we are going to do our best for you to make this transition as seamless as possible.
  • Have Cheese Matters got the resources?
    It's true that we are a small team but with a wealth of experience. I've set up two companies in the USA to deal with this very process of customs entry. Lucy has been preparing documents for third country export for over 20 years. David, well he sorts out suppliers and customers alike - he is your international link. ​ Behind the scenes we have help in the EU. Our offices in Holland are ably supported by the World of Foods team who have a deep knowledge of import and export procedures.
  • Who is going to invoice me?
    You will be invoiced by Cheese Matters BV, an EU registered company with an office, not a PO box.
  • Where do I place my order?
    Please send orders by e-mail to, they will be acknowledged by David, Lucy or Helen. We shall let you know when the goods leave us and if there are any delays.
  • How will I get my documentation?
    Our transport company will issue you a CMR (a transport note) which will act as your proof of delivery. Invoices will be sent by e-mail, there will not be a paper invoice sent unless you specifically request one.
  • What about duty?
    We don't know yet what our politicians will decide. If duties are imposed, this will affect the price. Once we know and have calculated the implications, we shall let you know.
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