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New Year’s Resolution – Make Cheese Matter, Everywhere.

The dairy industry has gone through some big shocks over the past six months – price rises, logistical challenges, product shortages and many more. For some, this proved too challenging and has resulted in departures from the industry from several big names. For Cheese Matters, we’ve continued to thrive under the mounting pressures and produce continued quality for our customers, from the leading UK suppliers.

What has this meant for Cheese Matters?

Big changes in the industry have meant big changes have been required for Cheese Matters. As worldwide customers lost some of their previous providers, Cheese Matters had to step in to be a stable global solution and ensure the British Cheese industry remained relevant worldwide. This flurry of new customers all came just before Christmas, a time more than busy on an average year!

To do this, we expanded our team and hired Helen Bradford as a second Customer Relations Manager to focus on our European customers, allowing Lucy to focus on fulfilling orders for the rest of the world. We also recruited Oliver Carr as our new Operations Director. Oliver will be streamlining our processes to achieve a professional, high standard of service across the board.

“We absolutely nailed it” said David Orchard Managing Director “the entire team pulled together , we expanded the team , and our order fulfilment was over 98%, with new suppliers pulling out all the stops. Our warehousing team at Dewlay worked wonders, handling an unexpected 100% increase in volume over last year, and new team members Helen and Oliver fitted into the business with an immediate positive impact - which helped keep us afloat.”

“Every year the industry throws us new challenges” said owner John Carr “the entire team sees them as opportunities - that’s what won us a Queens Award in 2022, and that’s what makes Cheese Matters first choice supplier for importers from countries as diverse as Lebanon, Norway, Australia and the USA!”

To broaden our offering to our customers, we’ve begun working with some incredible new British cheese suppliers, expanding our range to fulfil the tastes of every new customer. A huge thank you to our new suppliers.

We look forward to working closely with suppliers and customers to ensure together we Make Cheese Matter, everywhere.


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